Many variants, one goal: protection!

MTV - Medium Tactical Vehicle 4x4

The MTV (Medium Tactical Vehicle) platform has been selected by the Dutch Defense Materiel Organization (DMO) within the “12 kN & RCWS” Contract signed on November 28th 2019. The 12 kN Program requires Iveco Defence Vehicles to initially provide 918 MTV vehicles in several configurations, protected and unprotected, including RCWS and other attachments and add-ons. In December 2020, an additional batch of 267 vehicles has been ordered by the DMO, increasing the fleet to a total of 1185 units. The 12 kN contract consists of a family of 4×4 vehicles, based on Iveco Defence Vehicles’ brand-new MTV platform. This high-performance vehicle can be efficiently adapted to meet the needs of all military users, from the Army to the Marines, Navy, Air Force, Special Operations Units and Military Police. The elements common to all variants include the 6-cylinder 6.7 litre Diesel engine, capable of producing 207kW power and 1000Nm torque, the automated transmission and permanent 4×4 wheel-drive with 3 fully lockable differentials, and the high and low ratio gears. Protection is a fundamental feature as well: Iveco Defence Vehicles has made great use of the extensive experience gained with LMV and MPV platforms. All MTV variants, short and long cab and monocoque, are made from ballistic steel and benefit from an add-on steel armour kit that increases ballistic and blast protection levels. In terms of personnel transport, the Soft-Top and Hard-Top versions can accommodate a team of 2+2, the Pick-up a crew of 2 and the Medevac transport a crew of 2+2 lying or 2+4 sitting casualties, while the Military Police / Air Force Security Vehicle can accommodate a crew of 2+6 and can be configured as an assault ladder.

12t G.V.W

207kW Power



High-yield steel frame Payload of
protected vehicle up to 2t


6-cylinders 6.7 liters Diesel engine,
up to 207kW of power and 1000Nm of torque


Uncompromised ergonomics in its class
Add-ons and attachments available
for customization


A brand-new family of vehicles
on the same base platform:
Hard-top, Soft-top, Pickup,
Military Police, Medevac, Command Post, Troop Transport


Depending on the version,
accommodate crew up to 10


Multiple options available:
ring-mount, protected ring-mount, RCWS, SGL,
soft-mounts, C4I, assault ladder, CBRN



Technical Features

up to 1+6


3460 mm


2015 mm

Overall length

5760 mm

Overall width

2430 mm

Overall height

2760 mm

Ground clearance

350 mm

Approach/Departure angle

45° / 35°

Fording depth w/o prep

750 mm

Max Gradient/Side slope (at GVW)

60% / 30%

Turning circle (wall to wall)

<16 m


>2000 kg

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

>1200 kg

Towing capability

3500 kg

Top speed

90 km/h

Max range

>600 km

Max power

207 kW (280 hp)

Max torque

1000 Nm


Disc and caliper brakes, with ABS


365/85R20 Pirelli PS22

NATO interoperability requirements

STANAG 2021, 4062, 4074, 4101, 4381, 4478